4 classic homemade oven wrap tortizzas

During our search for new fun recipes we found the tortizza. This dish is so easy to make, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, advanced or pro. It’s that simple. It’s also super fast and easy to try different varieties. We won’t keep you waiting. Learn all about tortizzas in this article!

What is a tortizza?

The tortizza is a mix between Mexican and Italian cuisine. This is how it works: you grab a Mexican tortilla wrap (which you probably have laying around in the fridge) and use it as a pizza base. Now you choose the toppings you like. You can vary endlessly. In this article we go for some traditional and classic flavours of Italian pizzas with tomato sauce and cheese.

Our tips

Because we experimented with tortizzas a lot we know exactly what you should and shouldn’t do. Off course we’re happy to share our wins and fails so you don’t have to find out for yourself.

Tip 1: Do not spread the sauce too thickly and not all the way to the edges. This way you prevent the sauce or cheese from your tortizza from melting into the oven.

Tip 2: If you use a little more sauce or cheese it’s best to use a double bottom by simply stacking two wraps on top of each other. You could use a bit of cheese to melt them together.

Tip 3: Count about 2 tortizzas per person for dinner or use a large burrito wrap.

Tip 4: You don’t have an oven? Use a normal pan and bake the wraps for a few minutes on low/medium heat. Pre-fry the vegetables.

Now you’ll always have the best tortizza’s.

Tortizza recipes

All the recipes below can be found easily under the category tortizzas.

Goat cheese tortizza with walnut

Not a big fan of meat? This is the perfect recipe for you to try. Our tortizza with goat cheese and walnut always scores well with vegetarians.

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Tortizza primavera with Parma ham and arugula

You do like meat? Then this tortizza is for you. With this Mediterranean ham you can bring yourself back to the Mediterranean Sea.

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Tortizza margherita

The margherita is of course the classic who should not be missed. It is super simple and everyone likes it.

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Tortizza Napoletana with anchovies

If you like salty food you should try this Neapolitan tortizza with anchovies. A real fans favourite.

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Thank you for reading this article. Hopefully we inspired you to start creating your own tortizza! Do you know a tortizza that is not to be missed in the list above? Let us know by sending a message to We would love to hear from you!