Help your wallet with five easy zucchini recipes

A zucchini is very low in calories and among other things, good for your skin. In addition to the health benefits, zucchinis are also cheap. In most supermarkets you pay 55 cents for the vitamin bomb. So save some money and buy a zucchini.

Do you have pain in your stomach because you drank a beer too much again? A zucchini can help keep it all inside. Zucchinis are full of water and fiber, making them good for the bacteria in your stomach and for your bowel movements. Our vegetable omelettes with zucchini and carrot are an ideal dish for a Sunday morning.

Vegetable omelettes with zucchini and carrot

Easy dish for breakfast. The zucchini and carrot make it very healthy.

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Zucchinis can be prepared in many different ways. A popular way is to make zucchini noodles. You can easily do this yourself with the help of a spiral cutter. Don’t have a spiral cutter? No problem, if you plane the zucchini lengthwise with a cheese slicer it becomes a zucchini pasta. Did this make you hungry? View our spicy chicken recipe or this chicken with orange sauce recipe!

Spicy chicken with zucchini noodles

Check out this delicious oriental dish of vegetables and chicken. Delicious with zucchini noodles but you can also use zucchini pasta.

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Pasta with chicken, orange sauce and zucchini noodles

A delicious creamy pasta with a lot of sauce and zucchini. Enjoy a dish full of structure and a slightly sweet taste.

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You can also grill a zucchini. Thin slices are ready in no time and can be easily flavored with a little salt and pepper. For some extra flavor you can also add coriander. Because we are a fan of tortizzas ourselves, we do not want to deny you this pan tortizza with zucchini and onion. Enjoy!

Pan tortizza with zucchini and onion

A zucchini-covered tortilla wrap prepared in the pan. Easy and fast!

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If you throw a zucchini in the blender you already have a nice base for a tasty and rich soup. Add broccoli, onion and stock to this and you’re all set.

Zucchini broccoli soup

A creamy zucchini soup with few ingredients. This dish fills but is low in calories.

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Do you want to make sure you take the right zucchini home with you from the supermarket? Then remember that a ripe zucchini should have a clean peel and is firm. The crown must still be on it.

Thanks for reading this article. Hopefully we inspired you to use zucchini more often. Do you know a dish that’s missing in the list above? Let us know by sending a mail to We would love to hear from you!